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Dario Tironi


When you walk into Dario Tironi’s studio, you feel like you are entering the joyfully colourful and surprising world of a child. Dario’s world is made up of innumerable little bits and pieces that speak many languages and call to mind all the different ages of man.

 He is an eclectic artist dedicated to experimenting with various forms of artistic expression - sculpture, installations and photography.

 Dario gets inspiration for his works from the diverse aspects of daily life and the contrasts in contemporary society, which has now incorporated the logic of consumerism and is split by the inequalities global economy has generated.

To explain Dario Tironi’s work, we have to start from the materials he uses, which are mostly every day objects like accessories, technological equipment, toys and dolls, appliances and trinkets, gadgets of all kinds and mass products that describe our cultural identity, our aesthetic tastes, but also our futile desires and optional needs.

Dario studied in Bergamo and then went to Milan to study at the Academy of Brera in Milan. He chose one of the “beautiful” arts, sculpture, but not just conceptual. His works are real. They are people, dogs and children and one discovers they are self-explanatory.

Dario Tironi lives and works in Bergamo.