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Dario Tironi

Dario Tironi is the artist that evades the classic canons of Frilli Gallery's sculptures.

But we could not remain indifferent to his fantastic, incredibly conceived and built works of art. They are a tangible proof of technicality and creativity at the same time.

Dario's sculptures carry a very contemporary and important message of awarness and hope for the future.

Dario gets inspiration for his works from the diverse aspects of daily life, using mostly plastic components, but also other wasted elements to perfectly re-construct his human bodies.

By reclyicing many objects, he wants to denounce the contrasts in contemporary society, which has now incorporated the logic of consumerism, generating incredible amounts of waste and pollution, but also splitting the global society by the inequalities that its economy generates.

To explain Dario Tironi’s work, we have to start from the materials he uses, which are mostly every day objects like accessories, technological equipment, toys and dolls, appliances and trinkets, gadgets of all kinds and mass products that describe our cultural identity, our aesthetic tastes, but also our futile desires and optional needs.

Dario was born in Bergamo, graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, has won several international art awards and is more and more becoming a talented affirmed italian artist.