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Tom Seerden

Tom Seerden was born in 1957 in Heel en Panheel, Netherlands. He studied Art education in Nijmegen and at the Academy of fine arts in Arnhem. Followed by a study trip to Florence and Sienna at IIstituto Universitario Olandese di Storia dell’Arte in 1984. Most of the time he lives and works in the Netherlands and the remainder of the time in Italy in the Abruzzo.He exhibits in galleries and art fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Mass, space and material, tension and movement: These basic elements of sculpting are all represented in the work of Tom Seerden. The last couple of years he has been working on a series of bronze landscapes on old beams and monoliths, where memories of trips and holidays are depicted. What inspires him are the Italian villages/landscapes and architecture and the relationship between them. Castles, ruins, abandoned villages in the mountains, remains of buildings, walls, all become compositions of shapes in his work. Other themes in his work are nature and the human body.
The work is hand-cast using the cire-perdue technique. He leaves the casting skin of the sculptures intact, after a forced cooling a red patina arises on the skin. This gives an archaic appearance, causing something of the casting process to remain visible.