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Ugo Riva

“Making sculpture is a very complex matter. A word added to a form, ultimately helping to better define it. And ultimately helping to understand the whole.”

Ugo Riva is probably the most eminent and affirmed artist represented by the Frilli Gallery.

Riva has been sculpting for more than 40 years now, and is one of the most appreciated living artist in the italian scene at present.

His works in bronze, and lately also in aliminum and ceramic, excavate the dialogue between finished and unfinished.

His most dear subjects are women and angels.

Riva's women, whether dressed or undressed, classically draped or anatomically perfect in their nudity, are always the true object of his adoration. But he does not idolize them, actually he admires and respects women, in all their different ages and attitudes, like in the marvelous bronze work “ The Four Seasons” of a woman life.

Or like in the bronze sculpture “When the sky caresses you”, representing a beatiful and fair young woman standing in equilibrium over life.

His angels are contemporary interpretations of “Winged Victories”, in a reconnecting classic matrix, reproducing an imaginery archeology of modern times, yet in avery sensual way.

His bronzes are always very materic, and this is one of the most emblematic features of his sculptures. You can see the instruments with which he has been working the clay and the was, before proceeding into transforming those forms into bronze. His own fingers, spatulas and knives. One last unmistakable touch, is the add of fresco pigments to the patina with which he treats his bronzes, making his sculpture even more unique when compared to other bronzes.