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Ugo Riva


Ugo Riva is among the most renowned contemporary sculptors. He is a complex but real artist and as he defines himself in his latest publication “gets his hands dirty”. He works directly and entirely alone on his artwork and only lets others work with him to do the casting. He personally retouches and re-elaborates waxes as well as the patinas so that his works are unique specimens.
His art works are not spontaneous creations, but rather the result of deep and sometimes laborious meditation. Ugo Riva lives and works in Bergamo, Italy.


His beautiful and sensual women are often dressed in light clothes almost always moving with the wind and entering the space with elegance and dynamism, making us forget the essence of their bronze nature and making them seem alive.
They are gazing somewhere far away beyond the present, full of straying thoughts that are indifferent to ephemeral beauty.

The work "My Times" is all of this and much more. The purse she is holding in her hand says that everyone has a price and beauty is for sale.
Riva also loves to play with his sculptures. "My Times” is dressed in a tight belle époque garment but wearing a different shoe on each foot.

For years Riva represented motherhood as a deep inner journey to find a solution to difficult personal relationships.

Another of his recurring themes are angels, a liaison between the earth and the sky, protecting you and making you fly. He has portrayed them in pairs as physical beings, fallen and caged, but especially beautiful with barely visible wings and the foot could be touching the ground or being lifted skyward.