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JD Hansen

J.D. Hansen is a renown international artist who recently joined the Frilli Gallery crew.

She creates Art that explores the juxtaposition of vulnerability and strenght using the human and animal form.

Her works excavate the intricacies of human psicology and non verbal communication trough her elongated figures and their subtle use of body language.

The inclusion of copper handwriting in J.D.'s art adds depth and meaning to the solidity of the bronze. The handwriting flows around the sculptures like nebulous thoughts caught in a moment in time.

The combination of singular bronze forms, and flowing blankets surmounting the artworks, is meant to reconstruct the way communication happens…not by specific words, but by small gestures, by sounds, by an aura of emotion and intellect that all mesh together to create the whole.

JD Hansen's education was perfectioned at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadina, California.

Her works acknowledge also large scale installations overall the US, both in private and public spaces, particularly in California and Conneticut.

Many Museums included her sculptures in their collection such as the Seven Bridges Museum collection in Connecticut, and she received many prestigious awards as the “Museum Award” from the Bruce Museum in Greenwich.