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Maria Gamundi



Maria Gamundi was born in 1952 in Caracas (Venezuela). She studied at the Pratt Institute of NewYork. She lives and works in Versilia, Tuscany. Her female nudes exude a sculptural force exalted by her deep knowledge of the materials, which she works indifferently well and with great expertise, whether it is marble, bronze or terracotta.

Three main roots to her work are clear. The first is European, A classicism of astonishing clarity and simplicity. This comes from the Mallorcan blood of her father. Gamundí is a name like Miró, like Dalí and Gaudí, from Cataluña.

The second is South American, and consequently Oriental, for the Indians of America trace their distant past in THE East. Maria's mother's family are partly native Venezuelans.

The third is the most profound of the three, a root which is universal and timeless: the female. No one of us can ever be indifferent to the human body - particularly to the female body. In using it so poignantly to search for ideal relationships, Maria touches profoundly upon our own births, and our creative energy. Her languid, fecund, maternal women appeal to the sense of mystery surrounding our lives.

María Gamundí is one of those rare people, an artist who uses her emotions to perceive truth, unveil it for us, and then craft that with great skill into her sculptures.