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Bjorn Okholm Skaarup


Bjorn Skaarup Okholm possesses an irrepressible vitality and his artistic revolution explodes into his works, which are in striking contrast to a disarmingly composed person that spends hours in libraries and museums.
Bjorn was born in Denmark but is a citizen of the world. He graduated in history in his country and was awarded a PhD in Florence, Italy. He also has developed artistic experiences in London and New York.
He is an Illustrator and sculptor of undisputed flexibility and a treasure trove of knowledge. His works address the dialogue between sacred and profane cultural; remove dust from the myth of Batrachomyomachia and honour, with just the right amount of irony, the popular imagination of comics and film.


Sobriety is not the theme when, in and on columns, stairs and sofas, a glorious couple in love like Hippo Ballerina and Harlequin Rhino is dancing. It is Carnival, the celebration of life, where under skirts and ruffs, beyond colours and cast bronze vibrates the passionate tribute to the great Degas and his bronze ballerina with tulle tutu, and Picasso’s bashful and dreamy Harlequin. There are also references to the masks of Italy’s Commedia dell'Arte and a passionate quotation for the masterpieces of the great master of pencil drawn dreams, Walt Disney.
Carnival is an ironic and bizarre masquerade for all of Bjorn’s animals that are part of the group "Carnival of the Animals", portrayed as individual identities, each one the star in a amusing pose. The Giraffe takes part in this crazy Carnival and, not to be outdone plays the role of the juggler on stilts, surpassing even his proverbial height.
Bjorn is never too full of quotes and his latest creation, the Odalisque, invites us to ponder what the creative world of Bjorn would have been without his Masters and what the great Masters would be without Bjorn and his contemporary language. His works of art are an interpretation of fusion with the classics in the homes of art fans of the 2000s. Bjorn’s Odalisque, like that of Ingres, is a pivotal "sensorial" experience that invites and seduces, while its soft and rounded form relaxes and has a calming effect.