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Marble Fireplaces - ancient souls of a dear place,
true decorative elements that make you feel at home.

Frilli Marble Studio - Pietrasanta

This project comes to life from a specific request of a demanding private client  who needs to realise 5 fireplace in five different types of marble for their newly built estate in California.
When asked to work on this challenging project, the Frilli Marble Studio intially has only drawings, extremely beautiful and detailed drawings in reduced scale.
The job isn't an easy one: the objective is to create, reproduce faithfully what the drawings represent.
The very fist challenge is that of reproducing, on paper, in larger, full size scale, the drawings of each fireplace, so that the skilled sculptor will take it as a model to start the carving.
The smaller the detail of the chiselling, the better the hand instrument, the best one nature as provided us with,  and the only capable of guaranteing accuracy and precision to the carving.
The final result will leave one without words: a masterpiece, a monolitic block entirely hand carved in every smallest detail that will become, on its own, the must have, the unique and essential piece of design adorning a room.