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The birth of Damoxenos and Kreugas

Frilli Gallery Marble Studio - Pietrasanta

Seeing the birth of a marble sculpture is almost like seeing a human creature coming to life. It takes time, passion, devotion together with a certain level of attention and accuracy.
Marble is a living stone; the sculptor getting close to his block, senses the feeling of a creature entrapped inside, and is urged to take it out.
Nevertheless like in nature, there can always be some unpredictable encounter, something we were not capable of forseeing that is instead going to happen. A vein, a crack in the middle of the carving; when this happens, there is no forgiveness, you dare not defy nature, you have to start all from scratch again.
But nevertheless that is, to say, the beauty of nature.

In these images the gigantic statues of two wrestlers, Kreugas and Damoxenos, are being hand carved inside the Frilli Gallery Marble Studio. Tnese two statues are famous replicas of the neoclassical statues by Antonio Canova.
A type of carving like this one, the two statues are 6,89 feet tall, can take up to 9 months of intense non-stop work, a real gestation.