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Neptune Fountain goes to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, USA

Within the area of development and creation of customized project, the Frilli Gallery has recently completed one of its most beautiful replica, a “Neptune Fountain” for an American family. The clients wish was to create a replica of a classic fountain, something beautiful and sophisticated. The choice fell upon this famous fountain that decorated one of the most beautiful palaces in Rome.

The fountain is a homage to the sea, the central group focuses on the god Neptune, made by Pietro Bacci around 1750. Neptune is represented as a strong and fierce man, somehow haughty. The God is covered by a drape up to his waist, and he is solemnly riding his chariot pulled by two horses, one agitated and the other calm. The horses are a representation of the two natures of the sea, that can sometimes be calm and some other times be tempestuous.

The replica is truly a great example of our two identities, marble and bronze, the two craftsmanship that we have been working with since 1860. The project study was beautifully executed by Cody Swanson, that has been working with the Frilli Gallery for years.

The sculpture is now in a private residence in Pennsylvania, USA.

This is just one among the many special projects that the Frilli Gallery has realized throughout its long history.