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Frilli Gallery in Vietnam

Ba Na Hills - Vietnam

At number 26 of Via dei Fossi, Florence, there are four shop windows in a row, which make many visitors think that it is just a souvenir shop. But when they enter, they will get lost in the space of a museum with multiple rooms, with centuries of sculptural art reinterpreted. This is Frilli Gallery, a sculpture studio founded by the brilliant sculptor Antonio Frilli.

This studio has been located in Via dei Fossi since 1860. From that year on, Antonio Frilli's virtuosity in sculpting the marble of the Carrara mountains became famous throughout the world, eventually being exported to all then known continents.

At the intistution of Stanford University in the early 20th century, the statues of Antonio Frilli were solemnly placed on the campus of the American university.

Florence is the cradle of Renaissance art and the homeland of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli. The whole city is dotted with legendary marble sculptures. The existence and recognition of this city as the homeland of sculpture is based in history, also on the skill of the artisans of the Frilli family.

When Antonio Frilli died in 1904, the next generation of the Frilli family continued its business in Via dei Fossi, contributing over time to the construction of this space, an obligatory destination for the most demanding customers in the world. The reason is simple: Antonio Frilli handed down the true value of high artistic craftsmanship in sculpture to his descendants.

Today the statues of Antonio Frilli are also found in important museums, and his sculptures have become objects of literature. His famous creation "Nude lying on the hammock" is the protagonist of a novel of the same name by the American Gary Rinehart. In it, the author reconstructs the powerful legend that intersects with reality, of this wonderful statue that has passed through many hands over the course of a century, whose influence on the lives of private collectors, including Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, is was very strong.

The Gates of Paradise, so called by Michelangelo in 1492, today appreciated by millions of visitors, are a faithful replica of the Frilli Gallery. The masterpiece of Lorenzo Ghiberti, thanks to this replica, is now preserved in the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.

You will not find the name of Susan Leyland on Wikipedia, but the fame of this artist, an expert and passionate lover of horses, is known worldwide also thanks to the equestrian monument in memory of the "War Horse", which is located in Ascott, in England.

Susan Leyland will sculpt not one, but four horses for Da Nang. Thanks to the commissioning of Frilli Gallery from Italy, Susan Leyland will design and model four horses that pull the chariot of the Sun God Helios. This installation will be part of the "Sun Waterfall" project located at the Sun World Ba Na Hills resort. The name of the artist Leyland alone is enough to guarantee the refinement in the construction of this wonderful project.

The Grand Cascade theme revolves around the sun god Helios in his chariot. It is surrounded by 7 different interpretations of the goddess Venus and a number of other important deities from Roman mythology such as Bacchus (god of wine), Apollo (god of knowledge and the arts) or Athena (goddess of wisdom and war).

The fact that within this sculptural composition there are 7 versions of Venus (Aphrodite goddess of love) is one of the expressions of the variety, refinement, depth of knowledge of the Frilli Gallery and the ability to respond to demanding requests of the Vietnamese group SunGroup. The Venus de 'Medici delicately covers her breasts with one hand. Venus Frejus wears a thin cloak and delicately reveals a small part of her naked body. The Venus in the Bath by Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain, preserved in the Louvre Museum in France, is another valuable representation. The Venus Kallipygia - Venus contemplating her hips - is yet another famous work replicated and present in the sculptural complex in Vietnam.

For more than a century Frilli Gallery has been the custodian of the casts of many priceless treasures of sculpture, and reproduces them with craftsmanship.

The goal of the Vietnamese investor Sun Group, the artist Susan Leyland and the artisans of Frilli Gallery, was to create a unique concept, for this important client, from the very beginning.

And even after 150 years of experience with countless large projects, Frilli Gallery itself is pleasantly amazed and pleased by the complexity of carrying out such a project.

Any lover of art and beauty dreams of one day seeing one of the masterpieces of humanity kept in the most famous museums in the world; at the Louvre in France, or at the Museum
Athens Archaeological in Greece. But for many it could be a journey of tens of thousands of kilometers. Frilli Gallery - with all the care and attention of those who are the custodians of the art of the great sculptors - has reproduced and brought those values ​​to Vietnam, at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Il primo resort di Sun Group in Vietnam, "Asia's Leading Theme Park 2020" (World Travel Awards) - Sun Falls, diventerà un nuovo simbolo, una nuova icona, che accoglierà i visitatori di nuovo a Sun World Ba Na Hills, quest'anno, insieme con molte altre grandi sorprese che Sun Group ha progettato di realizzare.

E quando potrete ammirare in prima persona i capolavori scultorei realizzati dai migliori artigiani italiani, potrete capire la portata dell’impresa compiuta da Sun Group in Vietnam .