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Shaping the material of a miniature world with her hands. Asli Saglam.

Frilli Gallery, via dei Fossi 26/r, 50123 Florence

The interaction between man and animal, the respect and coexistence of two species joyned in an embrace, two souls sharing space, smell and skin.


The little women of Asli wrap, play and breathe with their animals, sometimes they are even smaller than natural proportions and find themselves holding large starfish, rolling with cats bigger than them, distorting any size parameter that could jeopardize the being dominant and the dominated.


We play and love together in a world that certainly becomes simpler and brighter.


The collection of bronze sculptures by Asli Saglam is made of small jewels that the Sculptor models as if she were working on a natural scale, paying attention to detail, taking care of the harmony of proportion as if she were shaping a monument.